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"There is no experience I've ever had where, when walking into a medical doctor's office limping, I walk out normally and don't even realize that I'm no longer in pain because of his/her treatment during that visit. You truly have a wonderful gift that I thank God for bestowing on you. I hope that He/She continues to bless you for the power of your healing touch. I continue to be amazed at the after effects that continue to linger the rest of yesterday and this morning. Last night I had a full night's sleep, uninterrupted, with a dream in color! Thank you so much from the top and bottom of my heart and from my leg that works like it used to."

- Wayne L.

"Laura, I just wanted to let you know how beneficial my session was. I came to you with very sore neck and back muscles. Several trips to my chiropractor did nothing to cure my aches. My job as a police officer is stressful enough, but the chronic aches that plagued me were beginning to take their toll on my sleep and were making it hard for me to keep up with my one year old daughter. It has been three days since I had my massage and I must tell you how grateful and satisfied I am. I am sleeping much better and overall I feel so revitalized. Thank you so much for the passion you have for your work and I look forward to my next session!"

- Larry F

"Laura, I just had to tell you that the massage you gave me this past Wednesday was one of the very BEST massages I have ever had. I wasn't sore the next day, nor was I stressed, tense, or rushed. I felt such peace all day and still do, two days later. I know that there are so many massage therapists around and each one offers their own 'deals' to gain new business, but I really feel that you are the best. Of course, I would love to come as much as possible and will definitely be back to you instead of continuing to search for the right one. You exude peace and serenity and I love that. Your room is warm and welcoming and your healing touch is so comfortable."

- Laura W.

"Laura, not only did I completely enjoy and feel absolutely invigorated by your massage and gentle, healing touch, I was also immensely soothed by your gentle disposition and sunny personality. I have had several massages in the past....but never have I wanted to make sure my next one would be done by the same person before. It would be extremely difficult to find another masseuse that could top you! Thank you for making me feel renewed both inside and out. I will be sending numerous people your way who are in desperate need of your magical touch and with many high recommendations. This wasn't hard to write as it is all soooo wonderfully true! You're truly the best!"

- Jennifer J.

"Every time after I get a massage from Laura I feel amazing! She is always very professional and makes me feel very comfortable. She exudes alot of knowledge about massage, which I have never experienced with other massage professionals. Her techniques make your body feel regenerated! Best of all, she really seems to LOVE what she does and it 'rubs off'!

- Emily S

"I just had my first massage with Laura yesterday.....I had the best sleep of my life last night! I woke up with not ONE muscle aching in my body, which is a MIRACLE for me. I suffer from MS so pain and stiffness has been a constant in my life pretty much. I highly recommend her as a massage therapist.....I have had a lot of massages in my life, some were pretty good and some actually left me in MORE pain than before I came. I scheduled my appointment for next month and you get a special discount for doing so.....December 18th can't come quick enough.....that's how much I am already looking forward to my next one!"

- Brynne T.

"Laura was born to be a massage therapist! She has the warmest hands and you can just feel the energy coming from them. During my massage, she always knows the spots to go to in order to relieve my tension and relax my body completely. Every time I go and see her, the massage is different. You can really tell she cares and is not just going through the motions. I am thankful each and every day that my dear friend, Jen recommended her to me. She is an amazing woman and an even more amazing massage therapist!"

- Christine K.

"I just had my first massage with Laura and it won't be my last. During the holidays I spend about 16 hours a day on the computer and my stress level is high. My neck, back and shoulders were in constant pain so I went and did a 1/2 hour on them and Laura recommended doing my feet also. All I can say is wow, I felt like a new woman walking out of there - Laura is great! I'm going back tomorrow and doing an hour - I can't wait!"

- Di P.

"I received a gift certificate for a massage by Laura at my baby shower. I waited until after I had my baby to get the massage. It was so worth the wait, it was amazing. The energy that comes off of her is unreal. She was truly meant to be a massage therapist. When the massage was over I didn't want it to be. I could have stayed on that table for a long time. I am looking forward to my many more massages by Laura in the future. She is truly a great massage therapist!"

- Megan M.

“In this day and age, massage therapists are a dime a dozen. When you find one you really like, you stick with them. My old massage therapist retired from the field and I was in search of someone I felt as comfortable with and who really knew how to work on a body. I went to a few others before finding Laura....and boy am I glad I found her! I look forward to seeing Laura each month....just being around her makes me in a better mood. When the massage is over, I don't want to leave. I am so relaxed, I could just lay there forever! Laura, thank you for being you and for always being there when I need you! I honestly don't know what I'd do without you!"

- Diane M.

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